Bio-Liquid Calcium - Most Effective and Cheapest Way to Raise pH/Lime

Is your soil hard pan, having trouble absorbing water, low pH, and low calcium saturation? Humtec and Procal Liquid Calcium can help solve these problems. 1 gal Humi-Tec and 3 gal Pro-Cal Liquid Calcium can solve this problem while adjusting your soil pH.

This fall use Agritec products that helps break down the crop and grass residue turning it into usable nutrients to enrich your soil, provides needed nutrients to you plant and save on commercial fertilizer.

Nine major universities have proven ProCal Liquid Calcium works longer, faster, more effectively and is cheaper than ag lime. ProCal Liquid Calcium is the modern and easy way to apply calcium, required trace minerals, nitrogen and energy on your for bringing up your soil pH and calcium saturation levels. Which adjust the pH by increasing calcium saturation and displacing hydrogen ions.

UNDERSTANDING SOIL pH RESULTS Belinda Lake Yanco Agricultural Institute
Soil pH effect on plant response A soil Ph (CaCl2 calcium chloride) of 5.2 to 8.0 provides optimum conditions for most agricultural plants (Figure 1). All plants are affected by the extremes of pH but there is wide variation in their tolerance of acidity and alkalinity.

Jonathan, please see the attached soil reports. We purchased a piece of property that had been clear cut of pines. After grinding approximately 15,000 stumps and spending hours clearing the brush, we had a field ready to plant. Unfortunately, the acidic pines had left a soil pH of 4.6. We applied your biocalcium on the ground in September of 2018 and planted oats. The Oats turned out great. When we repeated the soil test in March of 2019, the soil pH had risen to 5.8! We were very impressed. We plan to do the same thing to another 10 acre section we just got cleared. We truly believe in this product. C Welch 2019

Rob, my pH was 5 I needed to plant alfalfa, I applied 3 gal Advance cal, now my soil pH is 7, The field looks great, I am ordering a tote now to do all my fields Don Woodson Shelby 2019

“Last year the weather was terrible we had a hard winter and record-breaking rains. Over all considering the weather the product did very well our pH went from a 5.1 to a 5.7 this year and that was with us only applying just over 2 gallons to the acre. Looking forward to seeing what 3 gal to the acre will do this year along with the Ortho phosphate 9-18-9 fertilizer.” Cliff 2019

Rob, I applied 3 gal per acre to my hay field Dec. 24th my soil pH was 4.9 seven days later I took a soil test and my pH was 5.4. At the end of January my soil pH was 5.7. I have sent you my soil test. I am going to follow your recommendations for the rest of my fields Mitch Conger 2019

Rutgers University Foliar Calcium Benefits ….Win Cowgill, Agricultural Agent.
“There are many calcium products promoted by industry as substitutes for Calcium Chloride (CaCl2). However extensive research and comparison of these products has yet to show an advantage over Calcium Chloride because it is one of the richest forms of calcium at the cheapest price

“I put the 55 gal Liquid Calcium and BioActivator on my worst fields, well I am here to say that field look as good or better than my best hay fields, that why I am ordering a tote of Liquid Calcium an enough BioActivator for all my fields. Never seen anything work like this.” Ron R 2017

ProCal Liquid Calcium and Humitec are 100% AVAILABLE TO THE PLANT and the soil and goes to work 6X FASTER TO raise soil pH.

R ob I wanted to let you know that this was a 7 acre field that we separated with your liquid lime last fall. To say the least I was very impressed. We got 7 bales per acre off this field and last year it was around 4 bales per acre. Also the ground next to this field was fertilized the same just no lime averaged 4 1/2 bales to the acre. Thanks again! Justin K 2108

Well Rob, you said this would get rid of my broom straw weeds and bring up my soil pH , it did just what you said it would on 10 acres so I am ordering 110 gal to use on my other fields. I want to try your BioActivator next. Martin T 2016

Jonathan, those two totes of liquid Calcium I bought from you did wonders on my pastures. I haven't ever seen anything like it. My neighbors keep asking me what in the world did I do to my pastures and fields, it completely killed all my weeds. This is the best hay I have every had. My friends and neighbors will be calling you, I am telling everyone. Charles S Tn 2017

ProCal Liquid Calcium Helps prevent weeds form growing. Weeds thrive in low pH and low calcium saturation levels. ProCal Liquid Calcium, Helps solve those weed problems and save on your next spring herbicide and fertilizer cost. If you’re having weed problems then your soil may have low pH. ProCal Liquid Calcium can help solve this problem by raising the pH.

“We sprayed a small test strip right where we redid our ditch line. We noticed our weeds reduce and the moss disappeared. We are spraying on the rest of our property this year.” Sarah, 2019

John M 2019, well Procal did what you said it would, I had no weeds in my oats. I usually have to use herbicide this year I didn’t . It was a very clean harvest.

"Hey Rob, I used two of your products last year and got good results, so I wanted to start off with your products for my pastures and hay fields. The first soil test is marked as power line and is fescue and it had a lot of broom sage your product stunted the broom sage but didn’t get it all, the hay field did well considering our weather so please review these and let me know what I need to order. I have included my soil test. Rene 2018

Prepare that ground for your wheat, rye and oat growth.;

Humitec proven to benefits :
1. Speeds up crop residue breakdown.
2. Adds essential nutrients to your soil.
3. Brings up you % of organic matter in your soil.
4. Improves soil tilth and reduces compaction.
5. Improves Spring planting conditions and enhances nutrient uptake.
6. Enhances the release of major nutrients from your soil to the plant.

“Our fields were doomed we had a drought from February to the beginning of August. So we didn’t want to put the stuff out. Come end of August we started getting some rain, we put out The ADV-Cal and the F-14. Our fields turned around dramatically it greened up grew thick and tall. Was actually able to get a good cutting off of it. My neighbor also used it on his Tifton grass and it was thick up to his knees in no time.” Ronnie C, Elgin Tx 2019

"Wow! I was totally surprised with the results I got my first year using Liquid Calcium and Gro- Humic! My father was very skeptical at first but we decided to give it a try with 5 totes of Calcium and a tote of humic on our Burmuda grass...it worked so well within two weeks we could see the difference between the area we sprayed with Calcium and the fields we did not! Needless to say dad was convinced and now we order Calcium by the truck loads! Best investment we have made!” Jared S

Why use tons of lime on your fields that won't be available to your soil or plant for six to eleven months or more when you can use 3 gal of ProCal Liquid Calcium per acre.

"I have been using Clean Green Ag’s products for several years now and the results have been outstanding. My yields are consistently better than all my neighbors and I spend less on my fertilizer than they do!” -Larry Aesoph,

Tim ( soil Advisor for Agritec) there is a huge difference between my hay fields this year over the year before, after I applied the ProCal Liquid Calcium. 13 of my neighbors have observed the change in my fields and are joining me to buy more Procal in bulk to apply their fields hay and last year. So much so my neighbors want to use it on their fields. My tonnage was way up, I am ordering more for this year. Ben Hatley 2018

Texas Agricultural Extension, Texas, A & M University System.
“The increased ammonium absorption caused by calcium has interesting results. Photosynthesis increases and greater amounts of carbon dioxide are captured by the plant from the air, which increases the plant’s organic building blocks....”

Add our BioActivator to your winter program. User have seen up to a 45% increase in production.

Our BioActivator and high carbon treated Soybeans simply out performed our commercial fertilized fields.

This product is going to revolutionize farming. - Georgia Extension Agent

We saved over 50% on the cost of fertilizers on our crops by using Liquid calcium.

University research has proven Liquid Calcium, causes the nutrients in your soil to be from 32% to 44% more available to your plants.

“I put the 55 gal Liquid Calcium and BioActivator on my worst fields, well I am here to say that field look as good or better that my best hay fields, that why I am ordering a tote of Liquid Calcium an enough BioActivator for all my fields. Never seen anything work like this.” Ron R 2017

Rob, we really like the Bio-Liquid Calcium and Bio-Activator. Our hay fields have a 15% to 20% increase in hay. And you said the weeds would go away, they did. One field we had was full of milk weed, but this year after applying liquid Calcium, no milkweed. I need more product for the second cutting. We love it. David M 2017

We used the liquid calcium on our food plots over two months ago and did not get rain Till just recently even after the turkeys and dove had their way with our seed to our amazement a good amount of what we planted still came up not long after it rained

“Wyatt, this stuff worked like a champ! We put it on all fields but two and the ones without your product were yellowish and didn't want to grow. People saw the fields with your stuff on them and said it was like the fields you would see in a TV commercial." Kelly Miller FL 2019.
Question, do we need to reapply before we plant in spring, Thanks Robert Taylor 2016

I got little growth from what I had planted so I tilled up ground we and sprayed on Advance Cal I got unbelievable growth. Never seen anything like it also just like you said the weeds are gone. Ed Lindey 2019

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